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Revisions, repairs, deliveries, assemblies, disassemblies and reconstructions

Shortly about the history
of REVIMONT s.r.o.
established: April 1993

Milan Valčík
Company owner

Company REVIMONT s.r.o. (Ltd.) was established in April 1993 with fund in 100.000,- CZK which was increased up to 3 000 000,- CZK today.

All employees are experienced from installations in the Czech Republic and also abroad as in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, USA, Hungary, Egypt, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Sweden.

Basic data

3.000.000,- CZK
50 - 60 mil. CZK
Number of workers
27 permanent
32 contract workers
Kooperativa a.s.
up to 50 mil CZK

Main activities
mechanical and electrical installation

  • installation, modification and liquidation of technological equipment
  • dismountling and/or replacing/relocation of technological equipment incl. logistic service
  • installation of electrical equipment up to 35 kV
  • maintenance and similar services (stand-by, ...)


  • installation of press shops, paint shops, assembly shops and welding shops
  • installation of heavy technological equipment and machines (presses, ovens, casting mach., ...)
  • installation of equipment - conveyors, robots, etc.
  • installation of media distribution piping - gas, water, compressed air and other media
  • installation, repairs and periodical testing of restricted gas equipment
  • revisions, repairs and testing of technological equipment
  • support fo CE certification of technological equipment


Company Revimont s.r.o. is succesfully certificated, has its own quality control system according ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and applies following certificates:

PreviewNameDescriptionDownload PDF
Certifikát č. 3 05/ 1I/QMS dle ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009
for production, workshop and in-site assembly, repairs, revisions and reconstruction of steel structures( structural and technological), pipe lines and pressure vessels and for in-site assembly of machine and chemical technological equipments
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Velký průkaz způsobilosti č. VÚPS /72-02/VP
for in-site assembly of steel structures designed according ČSN 73 1401 73 and produced according ČSN 73 2601, ČSN 73 5130 and ČSN 73 2601-Z2, 205, par. b) i) and j).
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Certifikát Challenge Securite
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